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June Edition 2023 ° Heinrich Thaler ° Hannah Flachberger ° June Words °

This month's saying of the month comes from Tirol. If you want to stay little - Then, stay little in a very big way! - - - - -  - -  Heinrich Thaler  Interview in Deutsch Heinrich Thala has  written a book, Irgendwohin und Zurück - This is an amazing story of a wartime escape.  Bikes, trains, hiding, fear, and a coming home.  Very, very interesting. Heinrich Thala hat ein Buch geschrieben, Irgendwohin und Zurück - die erstaunliche Geschichte einer Flucht aus dem Krieg.  Fahrräder, Züge, Verstecken, Angst und eine Heimkehr.  Sehr, sehr interessant - - - - - - - - - Hannah Flachberger Mission Possible!  This is an exciting project that is bringing people together in a very Christian way. A very interesting discussion with Hannah Flachberger and Nigel A. JAMES.  Broadcast on 2nd of June, 2023.  Radio Orange.  In English. Click here for Mission Possible home page. - - - - - June Words by Nigel A.  JAMES   -  June is a month of perspectives.  An English speaking perspective and an Austr

May Edition. 2023 ° Jan de Cock ° Andrea Nemeth ° Susanne Kannenberg ° Hansi Seiler ° Florijan Loernitzo ° Patrick Curran ° Andrew Roberts ° Lisl Fischer °

Fast Food - by Nigel A.  JAMES May!   May is here again.  The door way to summer.  Hot summer days are just round the corner.  May is a month for poets; A fine May day! A silent May day!  A beautiful May day.  Birds, flowers, and so on.  A call for help.  Mayday  Mayday! SOS!  We are sinking.  August day  August day, Help us!  This just doesn't work.  May is a May day party. A celebration. A Maypole is somethig to dance round.  A May Pole is a baby born in Warsaw in May.   Why celebrate work?  A marching day.  A month of asking.  May I do this, that, or, whatever?  Come what may.  May is here again. May it be hot, may it be cold.   May May be just as it pleases!  May I buy you a drink?   A May or May not Meeting- by Nigel A.  JAMES - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  Listen to Jan de Cock A Life Behind Bars Jan de Cock has spent his life in and out of prison!  And, when he's free he can't wait to get back. But getting back behind bars isn't always easy. Jan has done very much

April Programme 2023 ° Oleh KOVTUN ° James CLIFFORD ° Sylvia DIETZ ° Johanna ARBEITHÜBER ° Andrea NEMETH ° EDGAR ° Vanessa MDLULI and Pavitre TOTTOKARA ° Paris MADERNA

April.  April is different.   April is the month that bridges the gap between the long haul of winter and the fine downward slope towards summer.  April is the sweetest of all.  April is the energy we need.  April is life.  So, put out your hand and touch the hand of April.  Feel it and breath it,  April is here!  - - - - - - - - - - - - Listen and Read!  The True story of Paris Maderna.  He reinvented the bike and fell on his head.  An amusing short story. - - - - - - - - - - - - Vanessa Mdluli and Pavitre Tottokara Listen to this amazing discussion.  Femicide - A nightmare conclusion of suffering and despair. Listen to the efforts being made to prevent this ultimate irreversable tragedy.  A very moving discussion. Edgar Edgar.  A young Viennese singer, guitarist, and song writer. Listen as Edgar talks to us about his work.  Tracks, too.  A musical treat. Edgar.  Ein junger Wiener Sänger, Gitarrist und Songschreiber . Hören Sie, wie Edgar mit uns über seine Arbeit spricht.  Auch Tra

March 2023 - Magdalena Pfeifer talks to Nigel A. JAMES - An Old Wooden Spoon; an old Hungarian Tradition - Barbara Mitterer talks to Lucia Romera - Poem, Little Boy Blue by Eugene Field - Deniz Beser and Nigel A. JAMES. - Lucia Romero speaks to Tania Napravnik - Click here to continue

March, 2023. An introduction.  Christmas has long since gone into the past.  We are now moving fast into spring.  Easter is just round the corner.  New inspiration, and growth and new ideas; and, of course, the revival of the old.  Everyone has a story.  Leave no stone unturned; let everyone speak. Their topics are their topics. It our job to ask and leave space for their answers. Ask and let speak!   Please enjoy March.  Nigel A. JAMES, Talk 49 from Vienna. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Magdalena Pfeifer Hören Sie Magdalena Pfeifer und Nigel A. JAMES, wie sie über die Kunst des Kurzfilmemachens sprechen.  Es geht um mehr als nur eine Kamera zu bedienen! Listen to Magdalena Pfeifer and Nigel A. JAMES discussing the art of making short films.  It's more than just pointing a camera!   Broadcast on Radio Orange, Vienna on 31 March 2023 - - - - - - - - - - - An Old Wooden Spoon Listen to this ancient very useful piece of Hungarian wisdom.  Onions - no tears - - - - - - - - - - - - -----

Programme Feb.23 - Stephan Edgar; a new voice on the block! Full Stop Number 4; short stories and thoughts. Carlos Mazario; a pigeon fancier from Spain. William Shire; a dangerous drive in a blacked out Berlin. Paul Zuliani; his stage is his life. The Global Middle; people who count. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

Stephan Edgar im Gespräch mit Nigel A. JAMES . Hören Sie sich dieses Interview an. Spontane Lieder. Ein interessantes Projekt, ein Sänger, auf den man achten sollte!  Gesendet Radio Orange 24.Feb.2023 Stephan Edgar talks to Nigel A. JAMES. Listen to this interview. Spontaneous songs. An interesting project, A singer to look out for!   Also listen on Spotify - follow 49 Talk or Nigel A JAMES Broadcast on Radio Orange on  23rd of February, 2023 Listen to this on YouTube _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Carlos MAZARIO - Listen to this very interesting talk.  Pigeon Fancying. There's more to pigeons and racing than we think.   Broadcast on Radio Orange on 17. February 2023 Listen on YouTube Listen on SPOTIFY - Follow 49 Talk and search Carlos Mazario - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -  - - Click here for a  brand new edition of Full Stop. Number 4 . A selection of short stories written and read by Nigel A. James. Listen and be surprised.  Stories from life. A new experience every step of the way!  - -

January 2023 - Our Programme - Click here

Michi Vrzal - Town and Country    (on Tram 49 on Radio Orange) Listen to Mich's interesting account of her new life in the little village of Retz in Austria. Impressions,  sounds and the very friendly people.  There's lots to do in Retz and Retz has tradition.  Wine, church, cinema, and more. Listen to Michi Vrizal on our YouTube channel   (Interview only) Listen on Spotify Hristina LAZAROVA Hören Sie sich dieses interessante Interview an: Singen, Oper, Mozart, Italien und eine aufregende Zukunft, in der Träume wahr werden. Dieses Interview wurde erstmals am Freitag, den 20. Januar 2023, auf Radio Orange gesendet.  Hristina Lazarova singt in Wien auf der Feurich Performing Stage am 12. Februar um 11.00 Uhr.  Die Feurich Performing Stage befindet sich in der Mariahilferstrasse 51. 1060 Wien. Listen to this interesting interview, Singing, opera, Mozart, Italy, and an exciting future of dreams coming true. This interview was first broadcast on Radio Orange on Friday the 20th Janua