Friday 12 July 2024

Nike Sommeregger

Nike Sommeregger ist eine Theaterregisseurin.  Sie hat viel zu sagen, und natürlich auch eine Botschaft. Hören Sie sich diese interessante Diskussion an.  Moderiert von Nigel A. JAMES.  Deutsche Sprache.

Nike Sommeregger is a theatre director.  She has much to say, and, of course a message as well. Listen to this interesting discussion.  Moderated by Nigel A. JAMES.  German language.

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Thursday 4 July 2024

Rebecca Hughes

Click here to listen to Rebecca Hughes.

In this short discussion, Rebecca Hughes of Eastoft in Yorkshire in England talks about country life.  About bees, Corona and lockdown, and about how the isolation of lockdown brought people together in a very close way!  Teddy bears in windows and the swapping of books.  Silver linings in very dark clouds.

First broadcast - Nov. 8. 2022

The Farm at Lane's End


Click here for all the latest fun and goings on down on the farm.  Always something new!

Friday 28 June 2024

Magdalena Pfeifer

Femizid gehört tragischerweise zum Menschsein dazu. Magdalena Pfeifer hat ein Friedensprojekt.  Hören Sie sich an, was sie zu diesem Thema und den Fragen, die sie aufwirft, zu sagen hat.  Eine interessante Diskussion.  In deutscher Sprache.  Moderator Nigel A. JAMES


Femicide is tragically part and parcel of the makeup of being human. Magdalena Pfeifer has a peace project.  Listen to what she has to say on this subject and the questions she raises.  An interesting discussion.  German language.  Moderator Nigel A.  JAMES


Sunday 23 June 2024

Little Emily Clark

Little Emily Clark  - Listen and Read - Scroll down for audio.

I heard the following story a long time ago. It's a story of miracle, luck, and good chance. A story that moved me. Something I've never forgotten.

Vienna, the summer of 1973. I was having tea with the Clarks. I was a family friend. And, the Clarks had 4 very nice children. Nicola and Roger who were 18 and 19, and Emily and Peter who were twins. And, they were still very young. In fact, only 6. And, the following story was all about Emily and Peter.

The Clarks had recently moved back to Europe from Africa. Noel Clark, the father, had worked there as foreign correspondent and was now doing the same in Vienna. And, this story I'm about to relate had taken place 4 years previously whilst the Clarks were still living in Africa.

It was a hot afternoon down in Africa. An old friend of the Clarks had dropped in for tea. A doctor from London. He was passing through on his way down to the Cape. An international medical conference in Cape Town. The doctor and the Clarks had been friends for a very many years. In fact, they had even been to school together. And, now it was afternoon teatime in Africa. Marion Clark made the tea and everyone sat down for tea. That is to say, everyone except little Emily.

Little Emily was up in her room. She was not feeling well. And, then, when the doctor enquired how little Emily was, it was Peter, Emily's twin, who spoke.

Little Emily cries very much, she's tired all the time, she never wants to play, and, she never eats supper. And, there's one other thing, my sister looks kind of blue”. The doctor stopped eating. He was taken to Emily.

The very next morning, Emily and her mother were on the plane back to London. And, it was all thanks to Peter. In his innocent way he had accurately described the symptoms of Emily's condition. A hole in the heart. And, there at the airport in London and waiting for them was an ambulance. There wasn't much time. Speed was important.

The operation took place that very same night. It lasted more than 8 hours. And, 3 days later Emily woke up. She had come through.

And, 6 other little children were treated for the very same thing that week. Only 2 survived. Emily and one other child. Emily had been very, very lucky. She'd had a Guardian Angel. And, Emily's Guardian Angel was Peter her twin. It was Peter's innocent words that had saved Emily's life.

This is a story I've never forgotten.  A doctor on his way to a conference, little Peter's innocent remarks, and a plane that was leaving. Good chance, good luck, and very good timing. All three at the very same time.  A coincidence?  Who knows?  But, I believe there was something more. Something much higher.

And, I often wonder what happened to Emily. It was, after all,  a long time ago. The afternoon we had tea in Vienna.


Monday 17 June 2024

Dr. Tatjana Fischer


Dr. Tatjana Fischer.  Ein Diskussion.  Utopien, Thomas Morus, Stadt Planung, neue Perspektiven und vieles mehr.  Interview Deutsch. Moderator Nigel A.  JAMES

Saturday 15 June 2024

Franz Knafl


Franz Knafl.  A man of great determination who's following the path of hard iron discipline. Martial arts.  Listen to Franz Knafl's story. A tale of international perspectives and friends all over the world.  Discussion in English with Nigel A.  JAMES

Saturday 8 June 2024



A short discussion in English.  Pride Month dimensions. Interesting points, feelings,  and an ongoing struggle. Nigel A.  JAMES and Gabriel MESZARICS. 

 Listen Here!


Tuesday 4 June 2024

Albert Gunter

London - It was Just before Christmas 1952.  Listen to this amazing story.  A London double decker bus was just approaching tower bridge. Suddenly the bridge started opening.  It was too late to stop.  The bus had to go on!  Albert Gunter, the driver, knew what to do. Real life drama!

Click here to listen to Albert Gunter

London - Es war kurz vor Weihnachten 1952.  Hören Sie sich diese erstaunliche Geschichte an.  Ein Londoner Doppeldeckerbus fuhr gerade auf die Tower Bridge zu. Plötzlich begann sich die Brücke zu öffnen.  Es war zu spät, um anzuhalten.  Der Bus musste weiterfahren!  Albert Gunter, der Fahrer, wusste, was zu tun war. Ein echtes Drama aus dem Leben!

Thursday 30 May 2024

Dr. Kathryn Ferry

Dr Kathryn  Ferry, Interview - Her book - The Old Convent East Grinstead  - Often, going into a convent was not just for praising the Lord.  Business and an otherwise impossible life, too.  Listen to this discussion.  There's a surprise behind every pillar.  Discussion in  English.  Moderator - Nigel A.  JAMES

 Dr Kathryn Ferry -  Book website 

Wednesday 22 May 2024

Pfarrer Georg Fröschl

Die Rolle der Kirche von heute?  Eine sehr schwierige Frage. Dies ist eine sehr interessante Diskussion mit Pfarrer Georg Fröschl vom Pfarrer Breitensee in Wien. Eine Diskussion in deutscher Sprache.  Moderator, Nigel A. JAMES 

The Role of the present day church?  A very hard question. This is a very interesting discussion with Pfarrer Georg Fröschl of the Pfarrer Breitensee in Vienna. A discussion in German.  Moderator, Nigel A.  JAMES

Sunday 19 May 2024

Paris Maderna


Paris Maderna - Short Story English - An amazing true story. Reinventing the wheel, or, in this case, the bike.  But, bikes are bikes and will always be bikes. This is a very fast moving story.  A very big crash,  a wall, and a beer.  Moving on and never giving up.

Paris Maderna - Kurzgeschichte Englisch - Eine erstaunliche wahre Geschichte. Das Rad neu erfinden, oder in diesem Fall das Fahrrad.  Aber Fahrräder sind Fahrräder und werden immer Fahrräder sein. Dies ist eine sehr rasante Geschichte.  Ein schwerer Sturz, eine Mauer und ein Bier.  Weitermachen und niemals aufgeben.

Click Paris Maderna to listen.

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Carina Mohacsi

Carina Mohasci.  Hören Sie sich diese Geschichte des Leidens an.  Magersucht.  Eine lebensbedrohliche Krankheit, von der man sich nur sehr schwer erholen kann.  Carina Mohacsi hat es geschafft.  Aber es brauchte sehr viel harte Arbeit und viel liebevolle Unterstützung. Eine sehr schwarze Zeit für alle Betroffenen und Beteiligten. Dies ist ein starkes Hörerlebnis.  Interview auf Deutsch.  Moderiert von Nigel A. JAMES

Carina Mohasci.  Listen to this story of suffering.  Anorexia Nervosa.  A life threatening illness that takes very much to recover from.  Carina Mohacsi succeeded.  But, it took very much hard work and a lot of loving support. A very black period for all those concerned and involved. This is powerful listening.  Interview in German.  Moderated by Nigel A. JAMES.

Saturday 11 May 2024

Elfie Jordan talks about dogs - Click Here


Hunde bedeuten sehr vielen Menschen sehr viel.  Hören Sie sich Elfie Jordan zu diesem Thema an.  Interview auf Deutsch mit Nigel A. JAMES. 

Dogs mean very much to very many people.  Listen to Elfie Jordan on this subject.  Interview in German with Nigel A. JAMES. 

Wednesday 8 May 2024



KAMINSKY, Pawel - A family holiday.  Sheep, hard work, and good fun! This will make you want to head to the hills!  Interview in English.  Moderated by Nigel A.  JAMES

Click on KAMINSKY, Pawel to listen.

Tuesday 7 May 2024

May Words

May is month that slips in hardly  noticed.  All of a sudden, it's here.  And, of course, May Day is not only May Day.  May Day is much more as well.  

To begin with,   May Day's a celebration of spring.  This old pagan tradition of dancing and singing around maypoles goes back more than 2000 years.     

Another tradition of May Day is the socialist custom of marching.  A long time ago, this used to be a red letter day in the very red socialist calender.  Thousands and thousands of flag waving socialists would get up very early and march.  And, they'd march all day long.  A wonderful way of being together and celebrating the workers and all that they stood for.  But, the numbers of marchers has sadly declined. Most modern workers prefer, instead, to do nothing at all, or go away for a couple of days. 

And, May Day is not only dancing, singing and marching.  Mayday's also a signal sent out that means help.  This, everyone knows all over the world.  

So, May is a month that is very important. Not only in May, but also the rest of the year.  "Mayday, mayday, mayday we're sinking" must also be used in November.  May I have some more, please is everyday language.  And, may we be happy whilst singing and dancing  around maypoles with Poles who grew up and went to school in Warsaw?  Yes, we may!  And, may I have the last dance with you, please?   

You certainly may!

May Words.  Written and read by Nigel A.  JAMES

Listen here - 

Monday 6 May 2024

A Travelogue. The Train from Veszprem to Gyor. A train trip in Hungary


Listen to this travelogue.  Hungary.  A train trip from Veszprem to Gyor.  A trip full of summertime fun.  Kids being kids.  Laughing and screeching.  Beutiful scenery.  A natural gift. And all at a very slow speed.

Hören Sie sich diesen Reisebericht an.  Ungarn.  Eine Zugfahrt von Veszprem nach Gyor.  Eine Reise voller sommerlicher Freude.  Kinder, die Kinder sind.  Lachen und Quietschen.  Wunderschöne Landschaften.  Ein Geschenk der Natur. Und das alles in einem sehr langsamen Tempo.

Friday 3 May 2024

Heinrich Thaler. Irgendwohin und Zurück - Click here

Heinrich Thaler  Interview in Deutsch -  Sein neuestes Buch Irgendwohin und Zurück.   Eine spannende Lektüre.  Eine unglaubliche wahre Geschichte aus der Kriegszeit.  Diese Diskussion muss man sich anhören. 

Heinrich Thaler -  Interview in German - His latest book,  Somewhere and Back.   An exciting read.  An incredibly true  wartime story.  You must listen to this discussion. 

Click here to listen -  Heinrich Thaler  Interview in Deutsch 



Monday 29 April 2024

Jan de Cock - A Life Behind Bars

Jan de Cock has often been in prison.  Not because of crimes he's committed, but, instead,  because of his wanting to help. Prisoners, too, have their needs.  Jan de Cock has travelled the world.  But, getting into prisons was not always easy.  Listen to this intersting story.  In English.  

Written and read by Nigel A.  JAMES

Thursday 25 April 2024

Niki Stanek

Niki Stanek fotografiert schon sehr lange. Er macht nicht nur die Fotos, er entwickelt sie auch und druckt sie ab.  Alles Kunstwerke. Niki Stanek bevorzugt schwarz-weiß.  Hören Sie Niki Stanek im Gespräch mit Nigel A. JAMES.  Diskussion auf Deutsch.

Niki Stanek has been taking photographs for a very long time. He not only takes the photos, he develops them and prints them as well.  All works of art. Niki Stanek prefers black and white.  Listen to Niki Stanek talking to Nigel A. JAMES.  Discussion in German.

Monday 22 April 2024



Dada   A movement that came out of the 1st World War.   Switzerland.   An   international very creative movement.  Dada is still very much alive today. 

Click on Dada to listen

Thursday 18 April 2024

Inou - Ein Radio Man aus Kamaroon - Interview Deutsch


Inou. Kamerun in Afrika.   Radio mit Geschichten.   Deutsch, English. Französisch.  Radio Man Inou erzählt.  Ein Diskussion.  Nigel A.  JAMES und Inou. Spannend.

Click here to listen to discussion with Inou.

Monday 15 April 2024

Bruno Hope - Under A Roman Moon

Under A Roman Moon 

The end of World War 2.  Bruno Hope was on his way home.  Walking up through Italy.  Vienna getting closer as each day went by.   Then the partisans struck. A true end of war story.  Written and read by Nigel A.  JAMES

Friday 12 April 2024

Inou, A Radio Man from Cameroon


Listen to this highly interesting interview.  Inou talks about what radio means in the Cameroon. Radio is more than just something to listen to, Radio is part of the substance of Cameroon living.  

This interview is in English.  Moderated by Nigel A. JAMES

Monday 8 April 2024

Oleh Kovtun. Interview Deutsch


Oleh Kovtun ist ein Priester der griechisch-katholischen Kirche in Wien.  Hören Sie sich seine sehr interessante Geschichte an. Seine Gefühle, seine Pflichten, sein Leben und noch viel mehr. Gute Zeiten, schwere Zeiten, und eine Radiogeschichte auch.

Oleh Kovtun is a priest of the Greek Catholic Church in Vienna.  Listen to his very interesting story. His feelings, his duties, his life and much more as well. Good times, hard times, and a radio story, too.

Listen to / hören Sie Oleh Kovtun on Radio Orange, Wien

Listen on YouTube

Saturday 6 April 2024

Christian Rinder

Christian Rinder - A short story in English - Unexpected coming homes are the sweetest of all. Especiallyif no one knows you're coming, and, especially, if no one even knows you're alive.  Listen to this very moving end of war story.

Click on Christian Rinder to listen to this story on YouTube

Thursday 4 April 2024

Ingrid Reifinger Hütte

Ingrid Reifinger-Hütte  Interview in English.  An interesting visit to Schloss Ambras in Tirol.  A schloss with surprises. It's well worth a visit.  Find out more.  To listen to interview on YouTube please click Ingrid Hütte

Monday 1 April 2024

April Words

 April Words

April's a month that arrives in great splendour.  There is no other month like quite April.  April is a month of power and force.  And, April's more than a month.  April's a feeling as well. A feeling of strength.  April's the engine that pulls the year in its train.  

Without the energy of April, there would be no early growth, and, without early growth there would be little to keep life together. Without April there would be no early harvests in summer, and, there would be no Mayday dancing and singing. Life would be quiet without April.

And, April's not only the month that powers the year, April powers our emotions as well.  April uplifts  and frees  from the  clutches of Winter.  

April liberates.  Our energy is back. we are recharged.  We are  free to move on.

And, this in a nutshell is April.  April is magic in splendour.  There is no other month quite like April. 

April Words by Nigel A.  JAMES


Friday 29 March 2024

Libby Love


Libby Love - Life and some below surface thoughts that open the door to yoga. Some fascinating glimpses.  Enough for more than a feeling.  An interesting discussion.  

Interview in English

To listen on YouTube, please click on Libby Love.


Wednesday 27 March 2024

Peter Rosegger and Teresa Krammer


Peter Rosegger - Life growing up in the mountains of Austria.  Listen to this story.  Teresa Krammer used to come calling.  Selling her wares.  A story from a long time ago.  To listen on YouTube, please click on Peter Rosegger.  YouTube video includes full text.

Sunday 24 March 2024

Young in Vienna - A true night time stary


Young in Vienna -  A late night visit.  The police came calling.  A true story.  A party.  Very much noise.  A fine. But, nevertheless,  an unexpected fine happy end.

Thursday 21 March 2024

Dr. Tatjana Fischer


Dr. Tatjana Fischer.  Ein Diskussion.  Utopien, Thomas Morus, Stadt Planung, neue Perspektiven und vieles mehr.  Interview Deutsch.

Monday 18 March 2024

Prester John


Prester John was a mystery.  A king from the east.   The Pope needed help.  A friend with an army.  Listen to this short story.  An answer to a mystery.  This short story  is in English.  Written and read by Nigel A.  JAMES

Saturday 16 March 2024

Mike Boyle and Evelyne Auer


Mike Boyle and Evelyne Auer in discussion with Nigel A. JAMES.  Listen to this very lively and inspiring discussion. Starting with the topic of home, this exchange moved on in a very interesting way to other subjects as well. Amongst them burnout, the power of language, the great spirit of listening, and more.  This discussion was broadcast on Radio Orange on Tuesday the 19th of July 2022. 

Moderator Nigel A. JAMES

Click here to listen

Thursday 14 March 2024

Stefan Malfèr

Stefan Malfer - Interview Deutsch. Kirchgänger.   Ein Buch über die Geschichte Breitenseer Kirche.  Interview in German. Kirchgänger. A book about the history of the Breitenseer Church in the 14th district of Vienna. Listen to Stefan Malfèr.

Sunday 10 March 2024

Sunday the 9th of March, 2024 - Dr. Tatjana Fischer - Marty Siwy - Dada - Lucy Nemetz

Dr. Tatjana Fischer.  Ein Diskussion.  Utopien, Thomas Morus, Stadt Planung, neue Perspektiven und vieles mehr.

(2020)  English

Dada   A movement that came out of the 1st World War. Switzerland.   An   international very creative movement.  Dada is still very much alive today.

NEMETZ, Lucy  An exciting childhood day.  Just before the second World War. A joy ride in the skies above Vienna.   A great adventure. Short tale from life. English.

+ + + +

This week's saying of the day comes from Tirol -  Grapes on the vine are not bottles of wine on your table.

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Sunday 3 March 2024

Sunday the 3rd of March, 2024 - March Words - Stefan Malfer - Nikolaus Stanek - If by Rudyard Kipling - Andrew J. Roberts


March Words

March is a two-faced month.  Unreliable.  March should be the beginning of spring and the end of winter.  But, this rarely works.  Winter, with its very strong grip, just doesn't want to let go.  March has to strugle hard to move forward  to spring.  Spring is no match for winter.  Winter always gets its own way.  The result is confusion.  Cold mornings that call for a coat and afternoons when coats have to be carried.  We have no way of knowing how each day will continue.  March is a month we must take as it comes.

+ + + + +

Stefan Malfer - Interview Deutsch. Kirchgänger.   Ein Buch über die Geschichte Breitenseer Kirche.

+ + + +

Stanek, Nikolaus - Schwarz/weiss Photos. Interview Deutsch

+ + + +

KIPLING, Rudyard - If - A Poem. Read by Nigel A. JAMES 

+ + + + +

Andrew J. Roberts - Collecting Time - A tick-tok surprising unusual story. 

+ + + + + +

Saying of the Day

This week's saying of the day comes from Tirol.

If you hang out your washing to dry in the mountains, it will dry before it gets dirty again!

+ + + + + +

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Sunday 25 February 2024

Edition 6, 25th of February, 2024 - Isabella Thaler - Michi Wrizal - Otto Herald - War of the Worlds

Isabella Thaler - In English - Photography is not only an interesting hobby, it is very satisfying as well.  An interesting discussion. 

+ + + + +

WRIZAL, Michi - Life in a small Austrian town.  Retz. The enormous differences. City life and country living. An intersting discussion.  Interview in English.  February 2023

+ + + + +

HERALD Otto - A terrorist take over in Vienna. OPEC  The world's oil ministers held captive. An exciting Christmas flight to destination unknown!  Would they come back alive? Real suspense.
Real life story. English
+ + + + +

Hear about the radio broadcast that stunned and shocked New York.

+ + + + +

Saying of the Week

This week's saying comes once again from Tirol.  
Having enough is always enough, but, not having enough is always better than having nothing at all.

+ + + + + + +

Next edition of Talk 49 World - Sunday the 3rd of March

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Sunday 18 February 2024

18th of February, 2024, Andrea Nemeth - Petra Novak - Lucy Abel - A Shimmering Guest


Andrea Nemeth talks to Nigel A. JAMES.  An interesting discussion from Australia.  Great Barrier Reef, life, and more

ABEL, Lucy - The Perfect Christmas present that involved the entire family!
True Christmas tale - English

Saying from Ireland -  Everyone who passes through this door brings happiness.  Some by entering, some by leaving!

Next issue of Talk 49 -  Sunday 25th of February 2024

Sunday 11 February 2024

2024/3 - Ingrid Reifingerhütte - Jordanke Neidenova - Emily Clark - Michael and Judith Basch - Pocket Thinking

Pocket Thinking - In this edition of  Pocket Thinking,  Nigel A JAMES thinks out loud about Christmas cards. Interesting thoughts.

 Ingrid Reifingerhütte  Interview in English.  An interesting visit to Schloss Ambras in Tirol.  A schloss with surprises. It's well worth a visit.

Jordanke Neidenova and Martin Schlamberger.  Interview in English.  A chance encounter at a bus stop.  A spontaneous discussion.  Multi-directional.  Two very interesting people. Changes and developments.

Little Emily Clark - Short story in English - Little Emily's twin brother said the right thing at the right time.  He saved his sister's life!  

Michael and Judith Basch - Short story in English - Michael and Judith went to Mongolia. They got a very big surprise.   

Saying from Wales - It's good to count sheep in the day, your afternoon naps will be better.

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Talk 49 World - Next edition - Sunday 18th of February

Thursday 1 February 2024

Edition 3, February, 2024. February Words - Susanne Kannenberg - Carlos Mazario - Christian Rinder - Palace of Glass

February Words - February is the shortest month of the year.  It's still very cold and everyone's had enough of the winter.   But, February's the most important month of the year.  February is power and energy.  It's the real start of the year.  And, February's  power and strength lies in its lengthening days. First a whisper then a shout.  February sees the return of the light.  A great awakening.  Life begins once again.

- - - -

Susanne Kannenberg - Interview in English - Listen to this interesting interview.  A wonderful East German communist childhood that ended with a painful western bang!  No happy end!

- - - - -

Carlos Mazario - Interview in English - Carlos is a Spanish pigeon fancier. A man of pigeon history, too.  Listen as Carlos tells us all about pigeon racing and other pigeon surprises as well.

- - - - - -

Christian Rinder - A short story in English - Coming homes can be the sweetest of all. Especiallyif no one knows you're coming.  Listen to this very moving end of war story.

- - - - -

Palace of Glass - Buildings, too, have stories. Listen to this true story about a lakeside palace of glass with, so far,  only 2 lives. A third is hopefully coming!

- - - - - - - -

Saying from Tirol -  If you never turn over a stone, you will never find out what's hiding beneath it!

Next Edition of Talk 49 World - 11th February

Monday 22 January 2024

Edition 2, 2024 - Pawel Kaminsky - Johanna Malfer - Paris Maderna - Willi Noelli


Welcome to Talk 49 World.  Edition Number 2, 2024. In this edition we're going to the mountains, we're looking in on a choir, we're saying hello to a reinventor of bikes, and we're looking danger right in the eye! 

Pawel Kaminsky   Interview in English. A working holiday on a sheep farm in the mountains of Austria. A great learning experience.  

Johanna Malfer  Interview Deutsch. Hören Sie sich dieses sehr interessante Interview an.  Einen Kirchenchor zu leiten ist mehr, als man sich vorstellen kann. Verschiedene Stimmen, verschiedene Menschen.

Listen to this very intersting interview.  Leading a church choir is more than one can imagine. Different voices different people.

Paris Maderna - Short Story English - An amazing true story. Bikes are bikes. A very big crash and a wall.  A beer.  Moving on and never giving up. 

Willi Noelli -   Short Story English - A camera man on a mission to a war torn country. Going after a story.  A very famous man. Danger all the way.

In Edition 3.  February Words, Pocket Thinking,  and more!

Monday 1 January 2024

January 2024

Our January Programme
January Words conclude, please scroll down!
 - - - - - - --

Pocket Thinking - This month we're dealing with planning the future. The future - a very much misunderstood concept.  Listen and enjoy.  In English.

- - - - - - - -

Interview Deutsch - Lisl Fischer - Eine ungewöhnliche Gartenüberraschung am frühen Morgen! Und es geschah in Wien. 

Lisl Fisher - An unusual visitor was waiting for Lisl. A True garden story that happened in Vienna. 

German. 2018

- - - - - - - - -

Alexandra Lanz - A true story of lost very black years.  Suffering and miracles and a very happy end.  Listen and believe. English

Alexandra Lanz - Eine wahre Geschichte über verlorene, sehr schwarze Jahre.  Leid und Wunder und ein sehr glückliches Ende.  Hören Sie zu und glauben Sie.     Englisch

- - - - - -  - - 

YIANNOUDES, Constantinous - An opera company that was thought up at an airport! Now, on the move - USA, Austria, Cyprus.  An unusual story. 

Interview in English. 2022

YIANNOUDES, Constantinous - Eine Opernkompanie, die auf einem Flughafen ins Leben gerufen wurde.  - Jetzt in den USA, Österreich und Zypern.
Interview auf Englisch. 2022

- - - - - - -  -

A house with 4 fronts and no backs.  First published 2010.   English

TÜREN - Eine wahre ungarische Geschichte über viele neue Türen!  
Jenö und Marika
Erstmals veröffentlicht 2010.  Englisch

- - - - - - - - - -

Heinrich THALER - Sprechen und Denken in Versen, und mehr.

- - - - - - - - - -

In English

A. J. CRONIN - Eine interessante Geschichte über einen großen Schriftsteller, der fast nicht abheben konnte und keinen Erfolg hatte.  A. J. Cronin hatte einen sehr guten Freund!  Englisch

- - - - - - - - -


Heide Breuer - Kreativ pur.  Töpfern, Schreiben, Malen, und mehr. Sehr interessant.

 - - - - - - - -
Albert Gunter -  His London double decker bus took off and flew.  An unusual story. 1952.    This really happened.  It was the talk of London for a very long time.


Albert Gunter - Sein Londoner Doppeldeckerbus hob ab und flog.  Eine ungewöhnliche Geschichte. 1952.   Das ist wirklich passiert.  Es war lange Zeit das Gesprächsthema in London.

- - - - - - - - - - -

A Saying from Tirol

I overheard this story in a Tirolean Gasthaus. It was just after church.

If you go to the top of a mountain and look at yourself in a mirror - you will see yourself at the top - and not at the bottom where you usually are!

Very true words from Tirol in Austria.

- - - - - - - - - -

 January Words 

January's unique.  It happens only once. January is unlike any other  January before and different from all  others to come. This is because of our feelings and times.  January is high expectations we are  certain will happen.  We have, after all, a new year to welcome.  January is bright.  Everything is fine.  Our resolutions are still freshly baked. We still have resolve.  This year things are going to happen. Things are going to work.  And, January's the month when everyone's nice.  There's a universal feeling of good. People are not only spreading good cheer, they are receiving it, too.  So, go into the year with grace and good cheer and make them your own.  Your year will then be just as you want it!  I wish you a happy new year.  Nigel A. JAMES

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