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Alexandra LANZ - A story of courage, hope, and miracles.

  Alexandra Lanz.  One can lose many things in life, but, losing one's youth is one of the hardest there is. When Alexandra Lanz was only 14  her liver stopped working.  She was taken to hospital.  She stayed there for more than 5 year. She recovered. A liver transplant and 2 other miracles as well.  An interesting story of courage, hope, and strength.  Click here to listen to Alexandra Lanz's story.

Maria Schöneswetter - An Artist. Interview in English with an interesting sprinkle of German

  Maria Schöneswetter is an interesting Viennese artist who recycles to produce comfort and pleasure.  Maria specialises in dolls.  Dolls for and with souls. Dolls that make people happy. A unique idea.  She also does very much more. This interview was broadcast on Radio Orange on the 19. November 2021. Please enjoy it. Click here to listen to Maria Schöneswetter.

Dr. Kathryn Ferry

  Dr Kathryn Ferry is an historian.  Her subject is history.  In particular The Victorian era and sea side architecture. Dr. Kathryn Ferry has written many interesting books.  In this interview she talks about beaches and the seaside.  This is a very interesting interview that provides us with a wonderful new perspective of  something we already  know very well. + + + + Click here to listen -    Dr. Kathryn  FERRY - Beaches and history. Interesting discussion.