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September 2023

September Words    September.  The end of summer dreams. Back to reality.  The start of  routine. Stretching far into the future.  Monotony.  September is the new, too.  A new class.  New friends.  September is the time for moving on. Adventure. An unknown future.  Expectations.  Hopes.  September is, in its own special way, the real sart of our years. Listen and Read - Listen to this short sketch about Jan de Cock.   His life behind bars. In and out of prisons.  All over the world.  Friends he has made.  The good he has done, and the time he was arrested in China, beaten up, and thrown into prison. This is an interesting listen and read. Christian Harford - A Trucker's Life - Listen to this interview about life on the road.  More to it than many can imagine . - - - Sayings  of High Wisdom - Number 1 - Sayings from Tyrol -  From my collection of sayings - - - - - - - - RAINER, Wolfgang -     A boy scout castle that was not a castle in the air!   (2019) Interview English - - - - -