Friday 12 July 2024

Nike Sommeregger

Nike Sommeregger ist eine Theaterregisseurin.  Sie hat viel zu sagen, und natürlich auch eine Botschaft. Hören Sie sich diese interessante Diskussion an.  Moderiert von Nigel A. JAMES.  Deutsche Sprache.

Nike Sommeregger is a theatre director.  She has much to say, and, of course a message as well. Listen to this interesting discussion.  Moderated by Nigel A. JAMES.  German language.

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Thursday 4 July 2024

Rebecca Hughes

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In this short discussion, Rebecca Hughes of Eastoft in Yorkshire in England talks about country life.  About bees, Corona and lockdown, and about how the isolation of lockdown brought people together in a very close way!  Teddy bears in windows and the swapping of books.  Silver linings in very dark clouds.

First broadcast - Nov. 8. 2022

The Farm at Lane's End


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