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August Edition 2023

August Words We've reached August again.  It was waiting all the time.  And now, having climbed this slippery hill, we have come to the top of the year.  The days are drawing in, the nights getting longer, and the smell of the north is high up on the wind. There is a chill in the air.  Summer is losing its strength.  All that is left is our annual slide downhill  to the end of the year and Christmas.  We can't escape Christmas. It will always be with us wherever we go.  A certaintity.  But, next August is a certainty, too.  Enjoy the coming months.  They  will come and go whatever we do! Our August Programme Listen to Heide Breuer . A very rich life of creating.  Many different but very close directions.  Pottery.  Writing - a new book is on its way.  Music -especially piano. Travelling and living in countries near and far.  Backpacking in Africa! + + + +  Hören Sie Heide Brauer zu. Ein sehr reiches Leben des Schaffens.  Viele verschiedene, aber sehr enge Richtungen.  Töpfern.