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English Warm-ups Extra   This is an interesting page for not only those near the start of their English journey, but also those who feel they need to recap. Easy German-English translation exercise, stories of different levels, and a listening exercise, too.
Life at Lane's End Farm   Life on the Farm - Listenings for beginners. An exciting true to life on-going story.  Weekly.

Diarikom  - Short stories, interviews, essays, and more in English.  Some with audio, some without.
Legin V.  Semaj - A caller from space with a mission.  Listen. Be amazed!  Series in English.

The Parletorium - As of autumn / ab Herbst, 2024 - Discussion on Talk49 and TalkAlpha

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Interviews   - Alphabetisch -
(2020)  Interview English - A short look at a student's point of seeing things.

April 2023.  Listen to this interesting interview.  School, bread, music, buttons,  wool, and much more.  Upper Austria and Vienna.

Annemarie of Venus Frequency -  Annemarie talks about New York,  yoga and yogism, and how she recovered - thanks to yoga - after a very bad accident.    

(2020) -  German.-  Before Corona, Cristel Barnor ran a small workshop for people with restricted perspectives. She gave many people hope and helped them on their way.

CURRAN, Patrick - Chaplain of Christ Church Vienna. A family story.  His mother turned 101  - Recorded 2021  English

(2020)  Interview English

Ferry, Dr Kathryn Ferry -  Book website 2022 - English
Ferry, Vanessa - A picture of life in Great Torrington in Devonshire, England. 

German. 2018

Lisl Fischer im Gespräch mit Nigel A. JAMES.  Ihr Garten und alles, was dazugehört.  Ein sehr überraschender Cocktail aus allem, was man sich vorstellen kann, und noch viel mehr.  Interessantes Gespräch.   Deutsch - Summer 2023

Lisl Fischer in discussion with Nigel A.  JAMES.  Her garden and all it involves.  A very surprising cocktail of all one can imagine, and much more as well.  Interesting listening.

Dr. Tatjana Fischer.  Ein Diskussion.  Utopien, Thomas Morus, Stadt Planung, neue Perspektiven und vieles mehr.

Hannah Flachberger  A Christian Mission    Interview in English 

HAARER - Herbert - A model railway fan with a very big story and layout!

HOUSTON, James -  A funeral reader.  Interesting short discussion with thoughts of both life and death.  English - 2021

English 2019

Inou. Kamerun in Afrika.   Radio mit Geschichten.   Deutsch, English. Französisch.  Radio Man Inou erzählt.  Ein Diskussion in Deutsch,   Nigel A.  JAMES und Inou. Spannend.

Inou - A radio man from Camaroon. Listen to this highly interesting interview.  Inou talks about what radio means in the Cameroon. Radio is more than just something to listen to, Radio is part of the substance of Cameroon living.  

This interview is in English.  Moderated by Nigel A. JAMES

KAMINSKY, Pawel - A family holiday.  Sheep, hard work, and good fun!

Susanne Kannenberg - Interview in English - Listen to this interesting interview.  A wonderful East German communist childhood that ended with a painful western bang!  No happy end!

Interview in English -  Emil KASCHKA - Poet, writer, and film maker.  Listen to this story of the making of a film.  No easy job. More to it than one sees on the screen.  An interesting lesson.

Knafl, Franz - A man of great determination who's following the path of hard iron discipline. Martial arts.  Listen to Franz Knafl's story. A tale of international perspectives and friends all over the world.  Discussion in English with Nigel A.  JAMES


(2020)   English

Libby Love - Life and some yogic thoughts that go just a little bit under the surface.  In English. 

Interview 2022 in Deutsch

Vanessa Mdluli and Pavitre Tottokara A moving interview about the struggle to help prevent the ultimate irreversable tragedy.  Femicide.

Johanna Malfer  Interview Deutsch. Hören Sie sich dieses sehr interessante Interview an.  Einen Kirchenchor zu leiten ist mehr, als man sich vorstellen kann. Verschiedene Stimmen, verschiedene Menschen.

Listen to this very intersting interview.  Leading a church choir is more than one can imagine. Different voices different people.

Stefan Malfer - Interview Deutsch. Kirchgänger.   Ein Buch über die Geschichte Breitenseer Kirche.

Carlos Mezario - Interview in English - Carlos is a Spanish pigeon fancier. A man of pigeon history, too.  Listen as Carlos tells us all about pigeon racing and other pigeon surprises as well. 

Interview German and English, and a grain of Spanish as well.

Interview German 2022, November

MOOSHAMMER, Traudi -   A family that arrived small.  Now big! 
(German 2020 November)

MOOSHAMMER, Traudi  -  The beginning of a new direction.  Interesting interview. 
2017. Deutsche Sprache

NABER, Sabina - Krimis - Interview in Deutsche Sprache

Jordanke Neidenova and Martin Schlamberger.  Interview in English.  A spontaneous discussion just after a chance encounter at a bus-stop.  A multi-directional discussion.  Two very interesting people. Changes and developments.

An interesting discussion from Australia.  Great Barrier Reef and more

(2017 Nov) German interview.


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(2019) Interview English

Ingrid Reifingerhütte  -  Interview in English.  An interesting look into Schloss Ambras in Tirol.  A schloss with surprises that's well worth a visit.

ROMERA, Lucia  - Films, Sunshine, Clear thinking, and freezing cold fun!
(2021) English Interview

ROMERA, Lucia - Life through Spanish Eyes - February 2022 - 

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SCHARF, Riki  Interview Deutsch. Oldest school in Vienna. 

Jordanke Neidenova and Martin Schlamberger.  Interview in English.  A spontaneous discussion just after a chance encounter at a bus-stop.  A multi-directional discussion.  Two very interesting people. Changes and developments.

SCHMIEDERER, Ernst - Collecting interesting stories and listening and writing in a very big and very unusual way. - English - Feb 2021

SCHÖNESWETTER, Maria - A Viennese artist who recycles materials to produce comfort and help.  An interesting interview in English with an interesting sprinkle of German.  This interview was first broadcast in Vienna on Radio Orange on the 19th of November 2021.

SCHWEIGER, Herbert - Director VHS WIEN  -  Positive message.
German 2021

(2020)  English

Siwy, Marty - A walk in the woods - nearly  her last! 
English - 2021 August

Streibl, Robert - Ulysses and a project in exile!   

(2020)  Interview English

Heinrich Thaler  Interview in Deutsch - His latest book, Irgendwohin und Zurück. 

Isabella Thaler - In English - Photography is not only an interesting hobby, it is very satisfying as well.  An interesting discussion. 

Vanessa Mdluli and Pavitre Tottokara A moving interview about the struggle to help prevent the ultimate irreversable tragedy.  Femicide.

WECHSELBERGER, Klaus - City trees Stadt Bäume - Interview Deutsch

Interview in English. 2022


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Stories,  Essays,  and More

ABEL, Lucy - The Perfect Christmas present that involved the entire family!
True Christmas tale - English

(2020) - Story German Language

CLARK, Emily - Innocent Rescue - A true life very moving short story

First published 2010

This really happened.  It was the talk of London for a very long time.
HERALD Otto - A terrorist take over in Vienna. OPEC  The world's oil ministers held captive. An exciting Christmas flight to destination unknown!  Would they come back alive? Real suspense.
Real life story. English

 LANZ, Alexandra,    A moving story about a young girl who got a new liver. Stayed in hospital for more than 5 years. Lost her youth. And did much more as well. MOVING STORY - English

MADERNA, Paris - A colourful story about a colourful guy. A tale that ended in a bang! Video with FULL TEXT - Listen and Read.   Story that couldn't be invented. English

NEMETZ, Lucy  An exciting childhood day.  Just before the second World War. A joy ride in the skies above Vienna.   A great adventure. Short tale from life. English

NEMETZ, Lucy - A tale from long ago London. A trip to the market, A window cleaner that broke.   A tale from long ago life. English

NOELLE, Willi. An Austrian TV camera man.  A trip to Beirut.  Waiting, waiting and more waiting. A drive through the war torn streets of Beirut. DANGER all the way.   Jassir Arafat. Short story. Real life  drama.

POLLAK, Manfred - Flight to destination unknown. The captain. (see Herald, Otto)

SEILER, HANSI - A Lost dinner!   A kitchen surprise. Good Fun (with FULL TEXT - listen and read)
A short story.  Real twist of life.

Young in Vienna - A true story of a party, noise, the police, and a fine!