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18th of February, 2024, Andrea Nemeth - Petra Novak - Lucy Abel - A Shimmering Guest

  Andrea  Nemeth  talks to Nigel A. JAMES .   An interesting discussion from Australia.  Great Barrier Reef, life, and more Novak Petra Petra Novak has a society in Vienna. "Wegather"  It's all about bringing people together on an intellectual level. Listen to Petra.   ABEL, Lucy  - The Perfect Christmas present that involved the entire family! True Christmas tale - English A Shimmering Guest - A late night very true story.  Listen if you dare! Saying from Ireland -  Everyone who passes through this door brings happiness.  Some by entering, some by leaving! More Listening Pleasure - Talk49 Podcasts Next issue of Talk 49 -  Sunday 25th of February 2024

2024/3 - Ingrid Reifingerhütte - Jordanke Neidenova - Emily Clark - Michael and Judith Basch - Pocket Thinking

Pocket Thinking - In this edition of  Pocket Thinking,  Nigel A JAMES thinks out loud about Christmas cards. Interesting thoughts.  Ingrid Reifingerhütte   Interview in English.  An interesting visit to Schloss Ambras in Tirol.  A schloss with surprises. It's well worth a visit. Jordanke Neidenova and Martin Schlamberger.   Interview in English.  A chance encounter at a bus stop.  A spontaneous discussion.  Multi-directional.  Two very interesting people. Changes and developments. Little Emily Clark  - Short story in English - Little Emily's twin brother said the right thing at the right time.  He saved his sister's life!   Michael and Judith Basch - Short story in English - Michael and Judith went to Mongolia. They got a very big surprise.    Saying from Wales - It's good to count sheep in the day, your afternoon naps will be better. More Listening Pleasure - Talk49 Podcasts Talk 49 World - Next edition - Sunday 18th of February

Edition 3, February, 2024. February Words - Susanne Kannenberg - Carlos Mazario - Christian Rinder - Palace of Glass

February Words - February is the shortest month of the year.  It's still very cold and everyone's had enough of the winter.   But, February's the most important month of the year.  February is power and energy.  It's the real start of the year.  And, February's  power and strength lies in its lengthening days. First a whisper then a shout.  February sees the return of the light.  A great awakening.  Life begins once again. - - - - Susanne Kannenberg - Interview in English - Listen to this interesting interview.  A wonderful East German communist childhood that ended with a painful western bang!  No happy end! - - - - - Carlos Mazario - Interview in English - Carlos is a Spanish pigeon fancier. A man of pigeon history, too.  Listen as Carlos tells us all about pigeon racing and other pigeon surprises as well. - - - - - - Christian Rinder  - A short story in English - Coming homes  can be the sweetest of all. Especiallyif no one knows you're coming.  Listen to t