2024/3 - Ingrid Reifingerhütte - Jordanke Neidenova - Emily Clark - Michael and Judith Basch - Pocket Thinking

Pocket Thinking - In this edition of  Pocket Thinking,  Nigel A JAMES thinks out loud about Christmas cards. Interesting thoughts.

 Ingrid Reifingerhütte  Interview in English.  An interesting visit to Schloss Ambras in Tirol.  A schloss with surprises. It's well worth a visit.

Jordanke Neidenova and Martin Schlamberger.  Interview in English.  A chance encounter at a bus stop.  A spontaneous discussion.  Multi-directional.  Two very interesting people. Changes and developments.

Little Emily Clark - Short story in English - Little Emily's twin brother said the right thing at the right time.  He saved his sister's life!  

Michael and Judith Basch - Short story in English - Michael and Judith went to Mongolia. They got a very big surprise.   

Saying from Wales - It's good to count sheep in the day, your afternoon naps will be better.

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