Edition 3, February, 2024. February Words - Susanne Kannenberg - Carlos Mazario - Christian Rinder - Palace of Glass

February Words - February is the shortest month of the year.  It's still very cold and everyone's had enough of the winter.   But, February's the most important month of the year.  February is power and energy.  It's the real start of the year.  And, February's  power and strength lies in its lengthening days. First a whisper then a shout.  February sees the return of the light.  A great awakening.  Life begins once again.

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Susanne Kannenberg - Interview in English - Listen to this interesting interview.  A wonderful East German communist childhood that ended with a painful western bang!  No happy end!

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Carlos Mazario - Interview in English - Carlos is a Spanish pigeon fancier. A man of pigeon history, too.  Listen as Carlos tells us all about pigeon racing and other pigeon surprises as well.

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Christian Rinder - A short story in English - Coming homes can be the sweetest of all. Especiallyif no one knows you're coming.  Listen to this very moving end of war story.

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Palace of Glass - Buildings, too, have stories. Listen to this true story about a lakeside palace of glass with, so far,  only 2 lives. A third is hopefully coming!

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Saying from Tirol -  If you never turn over a stone, you will never find out what's hiding beneath it!

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