Edition 2, 2024 - Pawel Kaminsky - Johanna Malfer - Paris Maderna - Willi Noelli


Welcome to Talk 49 World.  Edition Number 2, 2024. In this edition we're going to the mountains, we're looking in on a choir, we're saying hello to a reinventor of bikes, and we're looking danger right in the eye! 

Pawel Kaminsky   Interview in English. A working holiday on a sheep farm in the mountains of Austria. A great learning experience.  

Johanna Malfer  Interview Deutsch. Hören Sie sich dieses sehr interessante Interview an.  Einen Kirchenchor zu leiten ist mehr, als man sich vorstellen kann. Verschiedene Stimmen, verschiedene Menschen.

Listen to this very intersting interview.  Leading a church choir is more than one can imagine. Different voices different people.

Paris Maderna - Short Story English - An amazing true story. Bikes are bikes. A very big crash and a wall.  A beer.  Moving on and never giving up. 

Willi Noelli -   Short Story English - A camera man on a mission to a war torn country. Going after a story.  A very famous man. Danger all the way.

In Edition 3.  February Words, Pocket Thinking,  and more!