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June 2023

Scroll down for June Words Christian Rinder.   Listen and read.  This is a  very interesting story. An end of war cominghome. Christian Rinder was not the only one happy. Others as well.  A very moving story. Michi Wrizal An interesting discussion with Michi Wrizal and Nigel A. JAMES. Life  in the Austrian small country town of Retz. An interesting A to Z.  In English.  Rebroadcast on Radio Orange, Vienna, on Friday the 23rd of  June 2023.  Listen and enjoy. - - - - - -  - PAIGL, Hansi - Musik ist mein Leben.  September 2021 - Deutsch Hören Sie sich dieses interessante Interview an.  Hansi Paigl.  Ein Entertainer mit einer bunten Vergangenheit und einer dazu passenden Gegenwart.  Er hält uns bei Laune. Listen to this interesting interview.  Hansi Paigl.  An entertainer with a colourful past and a present to match.  Keeping us happy.  - - - - - - - - - A. J.  Cronin Listen to this short interesing article about A. J. Cronin.  He was one of Britain's most popular postwar writers. But