Friday 2 June 2023

June 2023

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Christian Rinder.  Listen and read.  This is a  very interesting story. An end of war cominghome. Christian Rinder was not the only one happy. Others as well.  A very moving story.

Michi Wrizal

An interesting discussion with Michi Wrizal and Nigel A. JAMES. Life  in the Austrian small country town of Retz. An interesting A to Z.  In English.  Rebroadcast on Radio Orange, Vienna, on Friday the 23rd of  June 2023.  Listen and enjoy.

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PAIGL, Hansi - Musik ist mein Leben.  September 2021 - Deutsch

Hören Sie sich dieses interessante Interview an.  Hansi Paigl.  Ein Entertainer mit einer bunten Vergangenheit und einer dazu passenden Gegenwart.  Er hält uns bei Laune.

Listen to this interesting interview.  Hansi Paigl.  An entertainer with a colourful past and a present to match.  Keeping us happy.

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A. J.  Cronin

Listen to this short interesing article about A. J. Cronin.  He was one of Britain's most popular postwar writers. But, he nearly didn't make it at all!  An interesting story written and read by Nigel A. JAMES.

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English - Vanessa Ferry - This is a story of English country life.  There is much more to Great Torrington than meets the eye.  Traditions, history, music, theatre and more!  Listen to Vanessa Ferry.

Listen to Vanessa Ferry on Radio Orange

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 Spanish -  Lucia Romero 

Tamara Mayr. Entrevista: nuevo Single „Trouble“. Cantante, Bailarina, Modelo, Actriz. Primer Single: „Soul“

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Heinrich Thaler  Interview in Deutsch

Heinrich Thala has  written a book, Irgendwohin und Zurück - This is an amazing story of a wartime escape.  Bikes, trains, hiding, fear, and a coming home.  Very, very interesting.

Heinrich Thala hat ein Buch geschrieben, Irgendwohin und Zurück - die erstaunliche Geschichte einer Flucht aus dem Krieg.  Fahrräder, Züge, Verstecken, Angst und eine Heimkehr.  Sehr, sehr interessant

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Hannah Flachberger  Interview in English

Mission Possible!  This is an exciting project that is bringing people together in a very Christian way. A very interesting discussion with Hannah Flachberger and Nigel A. JAMES.  Broadcast on 2nd of June, 2023.  Radio Orange.  In English.

Click here for Mission Possible home page.

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June Words by Nigel A.  JAMES -  June is a month of perspectives.  An English speaking perspective and an Austrian /German perspective.  And, June is an intertesting month, because June is an interesting word.

In England, people say June.  In Vienna,  people say "tune". This is the same as singing a nice tune, or being in tune. In England, couples dance to  romantic tunes and  not a nice june! And, in Austria, people waltz to beautiful tunes composed by Johan Strauss.  And, of course, Strauss isn't only an ostrich with its head in the sand,  Strauss is a bunch of nice flowers as well.

And, June, too, is a beautiful name.  June, in fact was a famous Greek goddess.  The goddess of being half-way-there.  And June played beautiful tunes in June on her Lyra.  And, that's why June is called June in England and Tune in Austrian Tirolean villages and Vienna.

June is a month  going down in gear. June is getting ready for speed.  High summer is just round the corner.  Our decisions are behind us.  Now we must live them. 

June is in its own way the best month of the year.   A Tune or a June that sits squarely in the middle of the year.  June is both alpha and omega, or, if you prefer, omega and alpha. 

June is a month for singing in tune in June, or a month for singing in tune in Tune in Tirol!

This month's saying of the month  from Tirol.

If you want to stay little - Then stay little in a very big way!