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Programme Feb.23 - Stephan Edgar; a new voice on the block! Full Stop Number 4; short stories and thoughts. Carlos Mazario; a pigeon fancier from Spain. William Shire; a dangerous drive in a blacked out Berlin. Paul Zuliani; his stage is his life. The Global Middle; people who count. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE

Stephan Edgar im Gespräch mit Nigel A. JAMES . Hören Sie sich dieses Interview an. Spontane Lieder. Ein interessantes Projekt, ein Sänger, auf den man achten sollte!  Gesendet Radio Orange 24.Feb.2023 Stephan Edgar talks to Nigel A. JAMES. Listen to this interview. Spontaneous songs. An interesting project, A singer to look out for!   Also listen on Spotify - follow 49 Talk or Nigel A JAMES Broadcast on Radio Orange on  23rd of February, 2023 Listen to this on YouTube _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Carlos MAZARIO - Listen to this very interesting talk.  Pigeon Fancying. There's more to pigeons and racing than we think.   Broadcast on Radio Orange on 17. February 2023 Listen on YouTube Listen on SPOTIFY - Follow 49 Talk and search Carlos Mazario - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - -  - - Click here for a  brand new edition of Full Stop. Number 4 . A selection of short stories written and read by Nigel A. James. Listen and be surprised.  Stories from life. A new experience every step of the way!  - -