Friday 6 January 2023

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Michi Vrzal - Town and Country  (on Tram 49 on Radio Orange)

Listen to Mich's interesting account of her new life in the little village of Retz in Austria. Impressions,  sounds and the very friendly people.  There's lots to do in Retz and Retz has tradition.  Wine, church, cinema, and more.

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Hören Sie sich dieses interessante Interview an: Singen, Oper, Mozart, Italien und eine aufregende Zukunft, in der Träume wahr werden. Dieses Interview wurde erstmals am Freitag, den 20. Januar 2023, auf Radio Orange gesendet.  Hristina Lazarova singt in Wien auf der Feurich Performing Stage am 12. Februar um 11.00 Uhr.  Die Feurich Performing Stage befindet sich in der Mariahilferstrasse 51. 1060 Wien.

Listen to this interesting interview, Singing, opera, Mozart, Italy, and an exciting future of dreams coming true. This interview was first broadcast on Radio Orange on Friday the 20th January, 2023.  Hristina Lazarova is singing in Vienna at the "Feurich Performing Stage on February the 12th at 11.00.  Feurich Performing Stage is Mariahilferstrasse 51. 1060 Wien.

Constantinous Yiannoudes

Listen to this interview.  Constantinous has an opera company that spans the world.  New York, Cyprus, and Vienna. Recorded summer 2022.

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Magdalena Pfeifer.  Artist and Speaker

Hören Sie sich dieses interessante Kurzgespräch mit Magdalena Pfeifer an.  Art zum Frieden und noch viel mehr.  Gesendet auf Radio Orange am Freitag, den 13. Januar 2023.

Listen to this interesting short discussion.  Art to peace,  and much more as well.  Broadcast on Radio Orange on Friday the 13th of January, 2023.  * * * *

Pia Steiner

Pia Steiner - A young feminist.  Listen to her thoughts and ideas.  Feminism in her context.  Interesting listening. Interview in English.  First broadcast on Radio Orange Vienna on 6 January 2023 * * * *

Full Stop Number 3 - 30 Mins of Short Stories and Thinking!

A surprise round every listening corner!  An Angel in winter, helping cats in the cold.  Coffee, What to do with left over coffee, a story from Hungary.  Flower arranging,  this really happened.   Simple Time, a story of time with the flick of a wrist - Life in the East, The Marching Years, a story from the past that will stay in the past.   A girl in a dustbin! A strange story from London. A school time story that's true. And, thoughts of the future that are killing the past!  CLICK HERE FOR ALL PREVIOUS FULL STOPS * * *