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Susanne Amberg Schneeweis - Click here for interview

Click here for interview Hören Sie dieses Interview mit Susanne Amberg Schneeweis, gesendet auf Radio Orange, Wien, am Freitag 25. November.  Susanne Amberg Schneeweis ist Schriftstelerin, Sängerin und Stimmtrainerin. Hören Sie sich ihre faszinierende Geschichte an und holen Sie sich sogar den einen oder anderen Tipp, wie Sie Ihre Stimme und die Art, wie Ihnen zugehört wird, verbessern können. Listen to this interview with Susanne Amberg Schneeweis.  transmitted on Radio Orange, Vienna,  on Friday 25. November.  Susanne Amberg Schneeweis is a writer, actress, singer, and voice trainer. Listen to her fascinating story and even pick up a tip or two about helping your voice and the way people listen to you.

Full Stop Number 2. Short stories and ideas. CLICK HERE

  Otto Herald and Manfred Pollak, A Christmas flight full of danger.  An Advent story. A bus that took off and flew.  A school concert with an interesting twist.  Fun and singing on the last tram of the day.  Hot steaming water and family fun and protection. Thoughts about the natural chain. Full Stop Number 1 Prester John - a king from the east - The story of apple crumble (you will be surprised) - A journey home that nearly didn't work - Cats of the Forest and an Angel - A patchwork Christmas present - Flowery English living rooms and interesting pictures - Trees have a mind of their own - What is behind walls? A question.  Washington 1962.

Gunther Mohaupt - A muscian, composer, and more. Click here

 Click here to listen to interview with Gunther Mohaupt on Radio Orange. Gunther Mohaupt ist ein vielseitiger Musiker.   Er ist Komponist, Sänger, Pianist und Dirigent. Seine Werke reichen von der Oper über Kammermusik bis hin zu Wiener Liedern und mehr.  Hören Sie sich dieses kurze und interessante Interview an. Gunther Mohaupt is a many sided musician.   A composer,  singer, pianist, and conductor. His works range from opera, chamber music to Viennese songs, and more.  Listen to this short and interesting interview. Get to know Gunther Mohaupt - Gunther Mohaupt kennen lernen Click here for Gunther Mohaupt on YouTube   

Hristina LAZAROVA - Click Here

Klick hier / Click here to listen to Hristina Lazarova on Radio Orange Hristina Lazarova.  Eine  junger Damen. Musik und Leben.  Immer was neues.  Music and life. Always something new. More from Hristina LAZAROVA   LAZOROVA Hristina - A young Bulgarian singer with a very big future. Interview 2022 in Deutsch Links -

Rebecca HUGHES - A Yorkshire Day - Click Here

Click here to listen to Rebecca Hughes. In this short discussion, Rebecca Hughes of Eastoft in Yorkshire in England talks about country life.  About bees, Corona and lockdown, and about how the isolation of lockdown brought people together in a very close way!  Teddy bears in windows and the swapping of books.  Silver linings in very dark clouds.    Click here to listen to Rebecca Hughes.