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November 2023

November Words November is a sandwich,  A sandwich of dark and black with a thin slither of light as a filling.  November touches eternity.  November reaches out to the extremes of our understanding.  November is bigger than the whole and as powerful as the whole. Darkness to darkness.  But, remember, when it gets dark the morning always comes.   November Programme HUGHES, Rebecca  - Village life in Eastoft in Yorkshire in England.  Silver linings in even the darkest of clouds.  2022 °°° PAIGL,  Hansi - Musik ist mein Leben.  September 2021 - Deutsch. °°° SIWY, Marty -     Cemeteries and Thoughts   (2020)  Englishr °°° BREUER, Heide - Creative pure.  Pottery, writing,  painting,  and more. Very interesting. °°° Heinrich Thaler  Interview in Deutsch  -  His latest book, Irgendwohin und Zurück.  German. °°° KLOUCEK, Rainhard - Secretary General Pan Europa, Wien. Interview Deutsch °°° Ferry, Dr Kathryn - Interview - Her latest book - The Old Convent East Grinstead    2022 English  °°° Hav