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May 2023

Fast Food - by Nigel A.  JAMES May!   May is here again.  The door way to summer.  Hot summer days are just round the corner.  May is a month for poets; A fine May day! A silent May day!  A beautiful May day.  Birds, flowers, and so on.  A call for help.  Mayday  Mayday! SOS!  We are sinking.  August day  August day, Help us!  This just doesn't work.  May is a May day party. A celebration. A Maypole is somethig to dance round.  A May Pole is a baby born in Warsaw in May.   Why celebrate work?  A marching day.  A month of asking.  May I do this, that, or, whatever?  Come what may.  May is here again. May it be hot, may it be cold.   May May be just as it pleases!  May I buy you a drink?   A May or May not Meeting- by Nigel A.  JAMES - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  Listen to Jan de Cock A Life Behind Bars Jan de Cock has spent his life in and out of prison!  And, when he's free he can't wait to get back. But getting back behind bars isn't always easy. Jan has done very much