Monday 1 May 2023

May 2023

Fast Food - by Nigel A.  JAMES

May!   May is here again.  The door way to summer.  Hot summer days are just round the corner.  May is a month for poets; A fine May day! A silent May day!  A beautiful May day.  Birds, flowers, and so on.  A call for help.  Mayday  Mayday! SOS!  We are sinking.  August day  August day, Help us!  This just doesn't work.  May is a May day party. A celebration. A Maypole is somethig to dance round.  A May Pole is a baby born in Warsaw in May.   Why celebrate work?  A marching day.  A month of asking.  May I do this, that, or, whatever?  Come what may.  May is here again. May it be hot, may it be cold.   May May be just as it pleases!  May I buy you a drink?  

A May or May not Meeting- by Nigel A.  JAMES

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Listen to Jan de Cock

A Life Behind Bars

Jan de Cock has spent his life in and out of prison!  And, when he's free he can't wait to get back. But getting back behind bars isn't always easy. Jan has done very much for prisoners all over the world.  A very interesting story. 

Broadcast on Radio Orange  26th of May, 2023

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Listen to Andrea Nemeth talking to us  from Australia.  Radio Orange .   

Entire show with music and more on Radio Orange,  

This is a lively interview. A life on the ocean wave, a trip to Alice Springs, crocs, spiders, and more; and, above all taking life easy, just as it comes.  This is what we don't do in Europe.

Listen also to interview only on YouTube

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KANNENBERG, Dr. Susanne,  Guinea pigs. Stop being a monster.  Listen

Here are some nasty or unwelcome  truths for guinea pig owners! Maybe, you are a MONSTER!

First broadcast in the summer of 2022


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Read and listen.  Hansi Seiler  

A  Short story. Hansi Seiler moved flat.  Everything was fine.  Th.en came his party. His party wasn't to be. Listen to this very unusual story.

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Listen to Florijan Loernitzo

This is a vey interesting discussion. Florijan Loernitzo is a multi disciplinarian story teller.  Nature, shapes and progressive music.  All his own work.    Just like him - very original. 

Interview first aired on Radio Orange, Vienna - 12th May, 2023

Check Florijan out on YouTube - florian loenitzo

On SPOTIFY - and Instagram, too.

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Florijan is also playing in concert - 28th June, 2023 in Vienna, Kramladen, Wien.

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 Listen and Read

Listen to this very unusual story of time.  Standing still and moving fast. And, Perfect eggs every morning.

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Patrick Curran is the Chaplain of Christ Church, Vienna.   Listen to this very interesting discussion with Nigel A.  JAMES.  The Coronaion.  A Royal event.  A history that goes back a very long way.  A Royal occasion that's taking the past into the future.  A very interesting listen.

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Lisl Fischer und Susi Müller  - May time thinking of Travel!  Interview in German

Zwei beste Freundinnen.  Lisl Fischer und Susi Müller.  Urlaub auf Reisen. Ein Campingbus mit allen Annehmlichkeiten.  Die beste Art, die Welt zu erkunden und zu sehen.  Aber natürlich ist die Organisation wichtig. Susi ist das Hirn und Lisl die Köchin. Hören Sie zu, wenn Lisl das Geheimnis von Essen auf Rädern verrät.  Es ist verblüffend einfach. Dieses interessante Gespräch auf Deutsch verrät aber noch viel mehr.  Rechtsfahren in Großbritannien und Friedhöfe. Sie sind gar nicht so tot, wie Sie vielleicht denken. Sie sind sogar sehr gute Nachbarn.  Viel Spaß beim Zuhören.

Two best friends.  Lisl Fischer and Susi Müller.  Holidays on the move. A camping bus with all comforts.  The best way of exploring and seeing the world.  But, of course, organization's important. Susi's the brains and Lisl's the cook. Listen as Lisl reveals the secret of meals on wheels.  It's amazingly simple. This interesting discussion in German reveals much more as well.  Driving on the right in Great Britain and cemeteries. They are not so dead as you might imagine. In fact, very good night-time neighbours.  Have fun and listen.

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