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Monday the 15th of April, 2024. Bruno Hope - Under A Roman Moon

Under A Roman Moon  The end of World War 2.  Bruno Hope was on his way home.  Walking up through Italy.  Vienna getting closer as each day went by.   Then the partisans struck. A true end of war story.  Written and read by Nigel A.  JAMES

Friday the 12th of April, 2024. Inou, A Radio Man from Cameroon

  Listen to this highly interesting interview.  Inou talks about what radio means in the Cameroon. Radio is more than just something to listen to, Radio is part of the substance of Cameroon living.   This interview is in English.  Moderated by Nigel A. JAMES

Monday the 8th of April, 2024. Oleh Kovtun. Interview Deutsch

  Oleh Kovtun ist ein Priester der griechisch-katholischen Kirche in Wien.  Hören Sie sich seine sehr interessante Geschichte an. Seine Gefühle, seine Pflichten, sein Leben und noch viel mehr. Gute Zeiten, schwere Zeiten, und eine Radiogeschichte auch. Oleh Kovtun is a priest of the Greek Catholic Church in Vienna.  Listen to his very interesting story. His feelings, his duties, his life and much more as well. Good times, hard times, and a radio story, too. Listen to / hören Sie Oleh Kovtun on Radio Orange, Wien ,  Listen on YouTube

Sunday the 7th of April, 2024. Christian Rinder

Christian Rinder  - A short story in English - Unexpected coming homes are  the sweetest of all. Especiallyif no one knows you're coming, and, especially, if no one even knows you're alive.  Listen to this very moving end of war story. Click on Christian Rinder to listen to this story on YouTube

Thursday the 4th of April 2024. Ingrid Reifinger Hütte

Ingrid Reifinger-Hütte   Interview in English.  An interesting visit to Schloss Ambras in Tirol.  A schloss with surprises. It's well worth a visit.  Find out more.  To listen to interview on YouTube please click Ingrid Hütte

1st of April, 2024. April Words

 April Words April's a month that arrives in great splendour.  There is no other month like quite April.  April is a month of power and force.  And, April's more than a month.  April's a feeling as well. A feeling of strength.  April's the engine that pulls the year in its train.   Without the energy of April, there would be no early growth, and, without early growth there would be little to keep life together. Without April there would be no early harvests in summer, and, there would be no Mayday dancing and singing. Life would be quiet without April. And, April's not only the month that powers the year, April powers our emotions as well.  April uplifts  and frees  from the  clutches of Winter.   April liberates.  Our energy is back. we are recharged.  We are  free to move on. And, this in a nutshell is April.  April is magic in splendour.  There is no other month quite like April.  April Words by Nigel A.  JAMES