Monday 1 April 2024

April Words

 April Words

April's a month that arrives in great splendour.  There is no other month like quite April.  April is a month of power and force.  And, April's more than a month.  April's a feeling as well. A feeling of strength.  April's the engine that pulls the year in its train.  

Without the energy of April, there would be no early growth, and, without early growth there would be little to keep life together. Without April there would be no early harvests in summer, and, there would be no Mayday dancing and singing. Life would be quiet without April.

And, April's not only the month that powers the year, April powers our emotions as well.  April uplifts  and frees  from the  clutches of Winter.  

April liberates.  Our energy is back. we are recharged.  We are  free to move on.

And, this in a nutshell is April.  April is magic in splendour.  There is no other month quite like April. 

April Words by Nigel A.  JAMES