March 2023 - Magdalena Pfeifer talks to Nigel A. JAMES - An Old Wooden Spoon; an old Hungarian Tradition - Barbara Mitterer talks to Lucia Romera - Poem, Little Boy Blue by Eugene Field - Deniz Beser and Nigel A. JAMES. - Lucia Romero speaks to Tania Napravnik - Click here to continue

March, 2023. An introduction.  Christmas has long since gone into the past.  We are now moving fast into spring.  Easter is just round the corner.  New inspiration, and growth and new ideas; and, of course, the revival of the old.  Everyone has a story.  Leave no stone unturned; let everyone speak. Their topics are their topics. It our job to ask and leave space for their answers. Ask and let speak!   Please enjoy March.  Nigel A. JAMES, Talk 49 from Vienna.
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Hören Sie Magdalena Pfeifer und Nigel A. JAMES, wie sie über die Kunst des Kurzfilmemachens sprechen.  Es geht um mehr als nur eine Kamera zu bedienen!

Listen to Magdalena Pfeifer and Nigel A. JAMES discussing the art of making short films.  It's more than just pointing a camera!  

Broadcast on Radio Orange, Vienna on 31 March 2023

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Listen to this ancient very useful piece of Hungarian wisdom.  Onions - no tears

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Barbera Mitterer has written a book. Barfuß am Weg. An in-depth autobiography. Listen to this very interesting discussion with Lucia Romera. German and English.

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Poem - Little Boy Blue by Eugene Field.  This is a wonderful poem. Moving and sad. Listen to my explanation and recital.
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Listen to Deniz Beser and Nigel A. James.  Interview in English. This is interdisciplinary art in a very big and interesting way.  Interview first broadcast on Radio Orange, Vienna on 10. Mach 2023


Deniz Beser Home Page

Fanzinest Vienna Zin and Art Book event

Heytbefanzin - Publications and more


Lucia Romero und Tania Napravnik.   

Gleichgewicht, Kontrolle und Zukunft.  Hören Sie sich diese interessante Diskussion an. Feminismus, Sport, Medien und noch viel mehr.  Ausgestrahlt auf Radio Orange am 3.März 2023.  Interview auf Deutsch

Lucia Romero and Tania Napravnik. Balance, Checks, and Future.  Listen to this interesting discussion. Feminism, sport, media, and much more, too.  Broadcast on Radio Orange on 3.March 2023.  Interview in German

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