28th of April, 2024 - Helping your English grow! A series in simple English. Part 2 - Click here

The Farm at Lane's End -  Chapter 2  -   Visiting Time at the Hospital

Mum's very good news.  Decent meals from now on.  Mum will need a new dress.  A terrible job.

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Key Words

Yorkshire - short for Yorkshire pudding - Roast beef and Yorkshire
Decent - respectable - satisfactory - good.  A decent meal.

Questions -   What is the time when Farmer Ken and Dave arrive at the hospital?  Was mum's operation easy or difficult?  Was mum smiling when Dave and Farmer Ken arrived?  What did the doctor's tell mum?   Were Farmer Ken and Dave happy to hear mum's news?  What did Dave say about mum coming home?  What will mum need for the wedding?  What must  Farmer Ken and Dave do before mum comes home?  What has Farmer Ken forgotten to do?