20th April, 2024. Helping your English to grow! A series in simple English. Click here

Listen to this series.  Everyday life on the farm. 

The Farm at Lane's End  -  Chapter 1.   An Invitation

Farmer Ken and Dave his son are just having breakfast.  An invitation has arrived with the post.  Dave is excited.  He wants to know more.  
Listen here - chapter 1

Questions - Is Farmer Ken cooking breakfast or lunch?   What has Dave just finished doing?
Which season is it in this story?  What does Farmer Ken tell Dave over breakfast?  Who has written to Farmer Ken?  Good news or bad news?  Who is getting married?   Who is Cousin Jane getting married to? Is Rajeeve's father rich or poor?  Why is Rajeeve's father rich?
Where is Dave's mother?

Chapter 2 next week