Full Stop Volume 3, Christmas on Orange, Rebecca Hughes, Judith Ranftler, Susanne Amberg Schneeweiss, Full Stop Vol.2, Gunther Mohaupt, Hristina Lazrova.

Full Stop Number 3 - 30 Mins of Short Stories and Thinking!

An Angel in winter - What to do with left over coffee, a story from Hungary - Flower arranging - A story of time with the flick of a wrist - A story from the past that will stay in the past - A strange story from London - A school time story - Thoughts of the future that are killing the past! ALL PREVIOUS FULL STOPS HERE

My Christmas Show on Radio Orange

Christmassy music that you haven't heard for a very long time, and, sayings for Christmas. 

Rebecca Hughes

English - Interview with Rebecca Hughes of Yorkshire in England. Moon Raker - Planting, sowing, and more by the silvery light of the moon!  

Judit Ranftler

Deutscher Sprache. Interview mit Judit Ranftler. Hören Sie zu. Kinder Armut in Österreich.    

Susanne Amberg Schneeweiss.

Deutscher Sprache. Interview mit Stimmbildnerin Susanne Amberg Schneeweiss.  Stimme ist Charakter.  

Full Stop

English. Full Stop Number 2. 30 mins of short stories and thinking.  Two very brave airmen - Otto Herald and Manfred Pollak.  An Advent story with an amusing twist.  A bus that took off and flew! Fun and singing on the last tram home.  Hot feet and no colds.  Thoughts about the natural chain.

All Previous Full Stops Here

Gunther Mohaupt

Interview Deutsch.  Gunther Mohaupt. Ein vielseitiger Musiker. Hören Sie dieses kurze und interessante Interview an.   

Hristina Lazarova

Interview Deutsche Sprache. Hristina Lazarova.  Eine junger Damen. Musik und Leben. Immer was neues. 

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