5th of May, 2024. Helping your English grow. The Farm at Lane's End - A series in simple English. Part 3. Click here

The Farm at Lane's End - Chapter 3.    A Herd of Guernsey Cows

Farmer Ken has been offered a herd of Guernsey cows. The price is a little high. Mum is coming home from hospital.  What about the cleaning up?

Key Words
Never mind - don't mind
Pint - a big beer
Grand - a thousand - 5 thousand = 5 grand.


Does Farmer Ken think  housework is easy?  How long ago did Farmer Ken and Dave have fish and chips?   Who phoned farmer Ken?   What did Peter Wilson want to sell?   How much did Peter Wilson want for his cows?  How many cows did Peter Wilson have to  sell?   What did aunty Becky say in her text message?  Who is Aunty Becky coming with?   Are Farmer Ken and Dave happy that Becky and Natalie are coming?   What are Becky and Natalie coming to do?   Where are farmer Ken and Dave going for a pint?   What has farmer Ken forgotten to do?