Monday the 13th of May, 2024. The Farm at Lane's End - Chapter 4. A Fish and Chips Lunch - Click Here


The Farm at Lane's End

Chapter 4 -   A Fish and Chips Lunch

Key Words

Rashers and eggs    bacon and eggs.

30 grand - 30 thousand.   1 grand = 1 thousand.

I'll keep my fingers crossed - good luck.

Nightmare - very bad dream.

Before you get going - before you start.  Would you like a cup of tea before you get going with the cleaning.

Elevenses - A coffee break at 11 o' clock in the morning.  Usually with a biscuit.

I could eat a horse.  I am very hungry.

It slipped my mind - I forgot.

Never mind - It's no problem.  Don't worry.


Why is Farmer Ken going to see Peter Wilson?

When will Farmer Ken be back from Peter Wilson's?

What is Farmer Ken buying for lunch?

What did Dave offer Aunty Becky and Cousin Natalie when they arrived?

What did cousin Natalie say when she saw the mess?

What did Cousin Natalie mean when she said she could eat a horse?

What did Farmer Ken forget to buy?

What was Farmer Ken's good idea?